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China Applies Big Data To Stop Its Citizens From Illegal Gambling

screenshot of For Chinese people who like to gamble at an international online casino, the news is bad: the government of China is going to use big data to prevent such cases. Gambling in China isn’t legalized, except for the state-owned lottery. That is why international gambling services providers attract Chinese players immensely. It isn’t surprising that the majority of them infringe on the law and visit foreign virtual casinos. China knows how to solve the problem Now the government will penalize gamblers for such illegal activities. Citizens who are going to gamble outside the country won’t be able to leave it and will get additional punishment. The immigration department won’t permit such people to travel to foreign destinations for a gambling purpose. The major question is how China will implement new regulations. However, the government has the answer – big data. The technology will provide it with the necessary information about citizens, including their habits and preferences. These data will be taken from the analyses based on their smartphones and personal computers. In addition to this, China has a list of prohibited countries, which are often visited by Chinese players for gambling. Some of them are the Philippines, Australia, Vietnam, etc. Read more: Licensing for online gambling in Europe Read more: What is Las Vegas’s gambling age?
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